Omni is a technology leader and distributor in Environmental Management Fleet. Our products ranging from Garbage Compactor Vehicle, Aircraft Refueller Vehicle to Multipurpose Dredger. We are the only distributor in Indonesia for what we do. Our goal is to go green and use technology to save environment. Omni is proud to be recognized as a market leader, and is focused on providing the best products available and industry leading customer service .


Our Vision is… To generate sustainable growth by being the ‘Best in Class’ within the market. Innovation, quality and reliability of our products are our standards, together with our suppliers as partners we strive constantly towards the best solutions.
Our Mission is… To bringing the best quality products and be a fast-responding supplier to customers with a wide variety of technically innovative quality environmental management fleetWe do our utmost to respond and deliver quickly to meet our customers’ needs. Our products are customized based on well-proven products aimed at customers’ specific challenges.