A must have equipment for Road Maintenance

Right from the start, there’s a lot to talk about road sweeper. It is simple but complicated. In earlier times, they use the old fashioned way by hiring some peoples clean out the roads with manual sweeper, like broom etc. It has many of shortfall; the cleaning doesn’t do maximally, a lot of time spent, limited cleaning area, dirty and floating dust is happen and any other disadvantages. Street sweeper is a unity of completeness road infrastructure, it gives the standard of environmental cleanliness, but it is more effective, cleaner, quicker, and wider cleaning area.

Strength. Beauty. Seamlessly Integrated

sweeper2OMNI Sweeper is a machine build with a technological breakthrough. We call the body with unibody. It feels strong and durable — perfect to be used in everyday and polluted cities traffic.


Sweeps & Vacuum.
One vehicle, Multiple benefits.

The powerful vacuum lets the Street Sweeper take the best result. It does everything fast, except your operational cost. The Street Sweeper is designed to work extremely clean and fast, so you can clean the roads by vacuuming the garbage or the dust maximally, without any floating dust or doing the work twice. Work more quickly and cleanly with ease vacuum tool on Street Sweeper Vehicle.

Efficient Disposal System


The Street Sweeper designers and engineers had the goal of creating an efficient product that rest and stay on comfort and ease in working. This ve­hicle is the perfect workout partner. It gives you much-needed features that you want to ease your work. One is how to dispose the garbage from the tank. No need to worry about it, Street Sweeper has an efficient disposal system, which is by Tilting System. With this system, the garbage sucked by the vacuum can be directly wasted without having to bother removing it.

sweeper5Undamaged broom material

The most important feature on Street Sweeper vehicle is the broom. So that’s where we started – by using the undamaged broom material. Say you want to clean the roads without damaging the roads, we’ve got the answer. Just look at our broom material, it is strong, durable, but friendly to the road. You can also set how fast it spins accordance with the desired. This thing makes Street Sweeper doing the work with the best result in cleaning the road, and again, without damaging it.

sweeper6Water Spraying

There’s no other way to get the roads clean after swept it has to be wash with water to avoid the floating dust that pollute the air. OMNI equip all its Street Sweeper fleet with Water Spraying System complete with its water tank. With this equipment you can get the maximum result in cleaning the road without any air pollution or worrying about tendency to make it more dirty while the roads not swept.



Volume   2-8 m3
GVW   Up to 20,000 kg
Machine type   Diesel
Water storage volume   Up to 2,000 L
Sweeping capacity   Up to 75,000 m2/h
Method of Disposal   Tilting